Inventory report

An inventory report is a legally  binding document which provides an accurate written record of the condition and contents of a property at the beginning of a tenancy.  We prepare our reports using the latest inventory management software and  include digital/dated photographs and notes detailing all items within the report.

Property inventory services are of vital importance whether you yourself are a tenant, landlord or a leasing agency. Having a complete inventory report to hand is simply the safest way to protect and arm you in the case of any future disputes that might arise. You won’t just be protecting yourself or your company; you’ll also be doing the right thing by helping out the other party.

With JD Essential Property Inventories, an inventory report is a comprehensive typed descriptive and photographic report that lists in detail the condition of every room in a given property including its contents and decorative condition and is impartial.  Later Check In and Check Out reports are based on this important document.

Check in

Check ins include printing/producing tenancy sign up paperwork, meeting new tenants at the property, checking ID's of tenants and guarantors where applicable, going through paperwork explaining tenants/landlords rights and obligations, ensuring all required documents are signed and returned to the landlord by 1st class recorded post.

A Check In Report is the document that’s signed by both tenant and lessor and is based on the written and photographic evidence of the Inventory Report.

Interim Inspections

Interim inspections are recommended as a good way of keeping track of how a tenant is looking after their home/your property.  It is also a good way of helping you decide whether you want to allow the tenancy to continue as you approach the end of the initial 6 or 12 month period. Often landlords request interim  reports on either  a quarterly or 6 monthly basis.

Interim inspections are a great way to make sure your property is being kept in the condition that you expect when you’re a landlord or letting agency which doesn’t have the time or the convenient geographic location to check on the property personally.

Check Out Report

Making sure that the deposit can now be released back to the tenant is the business of the Check Out Report. This document provides the written and photographic evidence that’s compared with the previous Inventory and Check In reports and agreed upon by tenant and landlord or agency when all parties are satisfied. Return of deposit money can then go ahead.

Check out/damage reports are carried out to compare  the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy, with the inventory that was produced at the start of the tenancy.  Notes will be made of any changes in condition, including recording any damage to the property and cleanliness issues. The keys supplied by the tenant will also be checked against the inventory. Utility meter readings will be noted and digital/dated photographs used throughout detailing all items within the report.  All our reports are produced using the latest inventory management software.

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